We are a leading precision engineering manufacturing firm that specialises in the manufacturing of press tools, gravity die cast tools, plastic injection mould tools, CNC machining and wire erosion. We also offer a responsive service for comprehensive die repair and TPM service with the latest technology in reverse engineering enabling our customers to meet their delivery schedules even when breakdowns occur.

Lodent Precision was established in 1978, and we have continually invested in both the latest technologies in manufacturing and personnel development. As a company we have developed into one of the leading toolmaking companies in the country servicing the Automotive and Commercial Industries.

We have gained a wealth of knowledge over many years and are experienced in working with a range of materials including High Strength Steel, Aluminium alloys, Tools, Steels, Nickel, Titanium, Plastics and Composites. With a wide range of machining centres utilising the latest cad/cam software and cutting tool technology we are able to support and manufacture a wide range of products up to 4m x 2m in size and 20 tons in weight.



We have extensive experience in the automotive sector, working with some of the world’s leading OEMs as a first and second tier supplier, building a proud reputation for  our knowledge, capability and quality of service within the industry.


With an extensive selection of machining facilities, utilising the latest cad cam software and cutting tool technology, we are able to support and manufacture a wide range of products up to 4m x 2m in size and 20 tons in weight.



Heat Treatment Forming and in-die Quench (HFQ) NEW TOOL

  HFQ technology has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and increase recycling in the automotive industry. HFQ (Heat Treatment Forming and in-die Quench) improves the ductility of aluminium by heating aluminium sheet above its solution heat treatment temperature, forming it while still hot, and quenching it in the press. This allows for […]

Tank strap tooling being shipped to clients

Another set of high quality large production tooling was shipped to one of our clients this morning for automotive vehicle parts. The material is a HSLA 420 High Tensile Strength Steel, 4mm thick illustrated below…

CMM Machine for sale

We have available for sale a Mitutoyo CMM Machine that is now surplus to requirements as we now use an optical laser scanner to measure parts. Machine details: Measuring Range 2000 x 1000 x 1000 Probe Renishaw PH10 Software Axel 32 bit CNC Foundation Geometric Version 5.8.47 Interface Deva 004 Last Calibrated  12/11/2016 Date Supplied […]